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Kareena dreads doing daring stunts

Although the smart, gorgeous women previously also did action thriller Tashan and is all set to action breathtaking moves in her upcoming Agent Vinod too but as per a recent report ,Kareena admits that doing daring moves on screen does not allures her, rather these should be better left for men.

Justifying for above movies, she says she hardly had any such scenes in Tashan as compared to tough moves done by Akshay Kumar or Saif Ali Khan. She says that even Saif knows that she is quite uneasy in doing stunts and may be her boyfriend wins in changing her views in future.

She further clarifies that it not that he feel scary doing such moves, it just that she don’t lone doing and does not finds it interesting.

Kareena shows her concern towards her boyfriend doing these stunts but on the same side is confident on his caliber.Incidentally, the actress would be seen dabbling such actions in many of her upcoming movies

While on the looking on other side Kareena has been so occupied by her busy schedule that she didn’t even gets time for her family and friends.

She says that because of her hectic workload she remains in touch through phone, it would be ecstatic to spend time with her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan at Cannes, but she has to switch on for the shoot for Bodyguard. She accepts the fact that this time, people has to struggle for her single hours’s time.

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More gazes on Kareena’s plate, than on her!

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor is one name in Bollywood who has set a new trend with her size-zero figure. Everytime she adorns something new, more fans get added in her long long list of fans. She became quite famous during the realease of Tashan and then again, during Kambakhht Ishq. There has been a lot of buzz about her zero figure and the black swimming costume that she wore in Kambakhht Ishq.

But Kareena says that she never starves herself for maintaining that perfect figure. She eats everything from pizzas to chocolates but she always takes care to eat in a proper way that has been told to her by her dietician Rujuta Diwekar. She also finds it funny when people look at her plate more when she is in some restaurant because they just want to know that what she eats for that majical figure. She never forgets to perform forty surya namaskars.

Kareena has become a vegetarian for the last five years. But she never says anything against the non-vegetarian category. Bebo thinks that everyone is free to choose whatever he likes- whether it is movies or the food. Everyone who is close to Kareena, mostly belong to the non-vegetarian category. Her father Randhir Kapoor cannot live without non-veg food. Bebo’s boyfriend Saif Ali Khan loves non-veg too. Even her sister Karisma Kapoor is very fond of fish-curry. According to Kareena one should never starve and should always go for healthy eating in a proper way.

Bebo’s Love Story

Bebo, as she is fondly called, is one of the sizzling actress of the bollywood industry. Kareena was raised by her mother, who, with difficulty, worked several jobs to support the family, until Karisma began work as an actress in 1991.

In 2004, Bebo began dating actor Shahid Kapoor, the son of veteran actor Pankaj Kapoor. While dating, their relationship was often reported in the media.

Kareena Shahid

The couple separated three years later while filming Jab We Met (2007). Kareena Kapoor dumped Shahid Kapoor because of her career, which she gives top priority. Kareena is still Bollywood’s hot actress. Yet, when paired with her real-life boyfriend on screen, Bebo has done very poorly. The chocolate boy-actor was very upset with this break off, while Kareena was found calm and composed.

Shahid and Kareena came face to face for the shooting of the remaining portions of Jab We Met (2007) and there they got separated. Shahid did not express that he was affected with the break-off. But he left as soon as he was done with his part of the shoot. The two did not even exchange pleasantries.

Saif’s love life doesn’t portray the actor as a steady partner at all. He married Amrita Singh , who was 12 years elder to him and when Hum Tum sent Saif’s career rocketing, he left Amrita and fell for Rozza. When Rozza parted ways, Saif was seen a lot with Bipasha Basu . There were rumours that something was on between Saif and Yana Gupta.

Kareena saif

Saif Ali Khan’s entry pushed Shahid out of the love equation. Khan and Kareena became close while shooting for Yash Raj Films’ Tashan. Bebo and Saif are very comfortable with each other.

Right now, neither is thinking of the future.

Kareena super-fit for sporting Bikini

Kareena Kapoor’s dapper looks are meant to die for. She brings elegance to a raunchy outfit like a bikini as she carries it off with so much ease and comfort.

Kareena in Kambakkht ishq

She wore the lovely fluorescent bikini in Tashan, and an equally beautiful yellow one in Mein Prem Ki Deewani Hoon, though we hardly remember that.

And yet again, it’s time for Kareena Kapoor to show-off her body antics in Kambakkht Ishq.


Kambakkht Ishq is an upcoming film of Bebo where she is starring opposite Akshay Kumar in the role of a Super-Model. Her designer, Aki Narula, claims that her look is so suave and sultry in the film that Indian audiences have not witnessed before. Kareena will become India’s Sarah Jessica Parker post- Kambakkht Ishq is what he claims

Only this time she’ll be donned in a sexy black swimsuit.

When we asked her dietician, Rujuta, if Bebo starves herself for a flat tummy during bikini shoots, she told us, “Never! In fact she is pretty stuffed all the time. Also, I believe that one should be bikini-fit 24 x 7. And that’s what Bebo is.”

So, Kareena is going to indulge in some ‘black magic’ this time round, and get the men weak in their knees all over again!


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